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Residential Conditioners"My husband and I are very glad we installed the Freshwater system. We have already noticed the difference in our water: coffee tastes better; laundry needs less detergent; turned down the temperature of our hot water heater; no more white stains on our dishes and shower doors; the skin feels softer; the water tastes better and looks clear. Indeed we can vouch that it works."
--Lumko A. Bays, Ph.D.

"I was using a water softener because of the dolomitic limestone in the Lansdale water supply. Since installing the Magnetiic units, I have not used the salt water softener and have better water than before."
--R. Bulla

"We have found that our water pressure has increased substantially and we have softer water along with a descaling of our pipes and water heater.
--Louis Niedermeyer

"Prior to attaching the devices, I had continuous problems with the effects of hard water. Such problems included calcium deposits in the shower, in the bathtub, and in the tea kettle. Also, I had dripping faucets and poor sudsing in the washing machine. After installing the magnetic devices, the problems were resolved."
--John Lynch

"Within one week I could detect a change in the taste of my water--a little like rain water. Water pressure had been a problem in this house from the day I bought it. In only 10 days or so I began to note an increase in the pressure as I showered. It seemed to increase over the next couple of weeks. I also noted the hard water build-up on the shower head diminished. And the hard water ring in the toilet just disappeared."
--Ron Stephenson

"It is my opinion that the Water Magnets from Freshwater Technologies perform exactly as they are guaranteed to do with no maintenance of any kind."
--Lester Reeves

"Magnetic treatment is an excellent way to control scale and corrosion in water systems. It's efficiency has been demonstrated where significant cost savings were effected and the magnetic treatment reduced the amount of scale and corrosion."
--U.S. Department of Energy,
--Washington, D.C.

"After magnetic treatment, natural water does not, when heated, produce a hard scale on the walls of a boiler or in heating pipes, but rather a loose sludge which settles to the bottom and can easily be removed or flushed without acid treatment. The utilization of this method has great practical merit."
--Air Force Office of Scientific Research
--Project Scientist: V.A. Stenovich

"We are thankful we decided to use the Magnetic units instead of repiping our Apartment complex. We saved over $100,000.00. Within days of placing the magnets on the water lines residents were reporting that the pressure was better and they had lots of hot water. The magnets work, our residents are happy with the increased water pressure, lots of hot water and clearer water."
--Bob & Mary Gibson
--Saratoga Loire Apartments

"We performed a test on two identical water heaters. Both heaters were drained and cleaned of all mineral buildup. One heater received a Magnetizer, the other did not. After six months, we drained both heaters. The one with the Magnetizer had little if any buildup, while the one without the Magnetizer had significant mineral buildup. I believe that with the Magnetizer system, we can increase the life of our water heaters significantly. We remain very satisfied customers."
--Mark VanderBerghe
--Chief Executive Officer, VandenBerghe Properties

"We carried out a final check. This was entirely satisfactory. In our view the installation has proved to be a total success. The chillers are in perfect functioning condition and totally maintenance-free."
--Marcel Du Toit
--Mabatho Sun Hotel & Casino

"Due to hard water in this area, there has been a constant problem with calcium and mineral deposits on water lines and boiler tubes. We use your Magnetizers in several apartment buildings that we manage. Since we started using the Magnetizers, the faucets and boiler tubes have had a noticeable reduction in calcium and mineral buildup. We can only attribute this to the use of your product. I would recommend the use of your product to correct these types of problems."
--Kenneth Kratz Realtors

"Since a Magnetizer was installed on our 450 H.P. Leaver Brooks boiler the following changes have taken place: Total elimination of chemical use, increased boiler efficiency, increased effectiveness. The Magnets paid for themselves within seven months. We are totally satisfied."
--Robert Brunetto
--World Dyeing & Finishing Co. Inc.

"Once the Magnetizer was installed on to the water recirculating system of the ET-1 machines the rust buildup throughout the cooling tanks and molds began to slowly break up into particles. They eventually settled to the bottom of the tanks which enabled the filtering system to filter them out. The results: Cleaner tanks and molds, less down time."
--Anthony Colonna
--Futurewood Products.

"The Magnetizer product has performed to my complete satisfaction. Since installation we have noticed our consumption of #2 oil has been reduced saving us approximately $400.00 per month. After 1-1/2 years and 2 inspections, our boiler is completely scale free. Cleaning of the boiler has been reduced to half and all of this has been achieved without the use of chemicals. I recommend this product."
--Joseph Vodinelic
--Grimaldi Bakery Corp.

"My vehicle performance is better and no more "engine ping" and installation was easy."
--Bob Moser

"My truck immediately picked up power and speed."
--Howard Lukens

"...both cars now use the lowest octane gas I can buy, something I could not do before I installed the Magnetizer Energizer System. Before my cars were gutless unless I used high octane gas."
--Doug Bartell

"In mid Sept. we analyzed all of the fuel figures from 3 months prior to the energizer system being fitted and 3 months after they were fitted, this showed conclusively that our average went up to 4.81, so this has given us an improvement in fuel economy of 12% with the same drive, loads and distances."
--Murray Jacob
--Ash Freight Forwarders

"The purpose of this project was to demonstrate the fuel savings that the Magnetizer® would provide when installed on a gasoline engine. A scientifically controlled test was set-up to establish the amount of fuel savings with the installation of said device. A portable generator was loaded with lights to simulate actual conditions. The generator was tested with and without the device to determine that there was a fuel savings of 26%."
--Vtec Laboratories, Inc.

"We installed a Magnetizer system on Bus #417, a Detroit diesel. The fuel mileage has steadily increased from 4.2 to 4.7. A 12% increase. Even though this is one of the older busses in the fleet, it is now consistently out performing all other busses in the fleet."
--Entek Associates

"The main concern on our LHD scooptram was a lot of smoke and we wanted to reduce emissions. After installing the Magnetizer system we found up to 60% reduction in total Carbon Monoxide and Significant reduction in Nitrogen Dioxide."
--Bob Bighnold
--Agg-Con Northern LTD

"We purchased Magnetic units to treat our 1991 International School Bus. After installation of the magnetizer the gas mileage jumped to 8.826 miles per gallon. This was a 13% savings on our fuel expenses for this vehicle."
--Gordon Allanson, President
--C. G. Allanson Buses, Inc.

"A 1989 350 hp Mack Valueliner was fitted with the Magnetizer System and before and after performance was compared over 120,000 miles. The results: Once the engine had reached peak Magnetizer performance a fuel savings of 17.4% was achieved. The Magnetizer System paid itself off within 3 weeks."
--Albertson Freight Lines

"We looked at many solutions and after hearing about the Magnetizer System decided to buy two. After measuring our consumption we proved that the Magnetizer System was without a doubt saving us 10.7% on our Cummins. More systems are on order."
--Trevor McGraw
--McGraw Transport

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