When fuel burns, carbons are combined with oxygen and converted into their components, releasing energy.

Passing fuel through a magnetic energy field which is both properly configured and focused causes the fuel to accept an induced charge. Furthermore, this application of highly focused physics will attract more oxygen molecules to the fuel resulting in more of the available fuel being completely utilized. The result is increased fuel efficiency, reduced engine wear and lowered operational costs.

In both gas and diesel engines, Freshwater "Magnetizer" fuel conditioners "fracture" the hydrocarbon chains in the fuel, much like an ax breaking up a log, thus allowing for a more complete burn. More complete combustion results in the generation of more energy from the same amount of fuel. More oxygen will combine with the fuel thereby generating more power and releasing fewer pollutants into the environment.

Extensive testing has proven conclusively that magnetic treatment of fuel will reduce hydrocarbon emissions and give the added benefit of increased efficiency. Having a HC test run on the vehicle can prove this.

Units are easily installed in minutes on cars or trucks. You will typically notice a larger increase in power and performance and most likely an increase in fuel economy as the systems clean out unburned fuel existing as hydrocarbon and varnish build up in the piston tops, cylinder head and valves, converting it back to useable fuel. After this clean-out process there may be a reduction from the initial level. Following the stabilization period, this cleaning process will be complete and the fuel economy will gradually increase until a net improvement of 10-20% may be realized.

An inefficient system will use more fuel for its operation. This will cost more money as well as contribute to additional pollution.

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The purpose of the "Magnetizer" Fuel Energizer, stated in simplistic terms, is to make the burning of the fuel more efficient, thereby creating a condition of more even burning and thus better mileage, higher heat for furnaces, etc.

The "Magnetizer" works on:

In short, it works on any vehicle or device using liquid or gaseous fuel.

How it works

Today's hydrocarbon fuels leave a natural deposit of carbon residue that clogs carburetors or fuel injectors, leading to reduced efficiency and wasted fuel. Pinging, stalling, loss of horsepower and greatly decreased gas mileage on cars are very noticeable. The same is true of home or industrial heating systems where improper combustion wastes fuel (or gas) and costs money due to poor efficiency and repairs due to carbon build-up.

The "Magnetizer" creates an electron flow called the "magnetic effect" which increases the oxygenation between hydrocarbon fuel and oxygen prior to ignition. This effect is caused by the changed re-alignment of the molecules (polarization) resulting in a more complete mixture of fuel and oxygen.

What it does

How it installs
Magnetizers Used in An Engine

On cars or trucks, installs easily in minutes on fuel supply lines and cooling system hoses. On home or industrial fuel oil burners, just before the burner. (On vehicles, if in doubt, have your mechanic install it. It just takes a few minutes.)




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